Rinn is a cup designed to analyse and detect nutritional contents in your beverages using our patent-pending technology.


Detect Nutrition

Rinn tells you how much you are drinking whether it’s fat, sugar or protein.

Track Calories

Rinn helps you track how many calories you are consuming from beverages.


Rinn notifies your caloric intake and help you make better informed decisions.


Health Conscious

If you are the person who take serious effort to acheive better health, Rinn is a great tool to help you decide what you should be consuming.

Fitness Enthusiasts

You may already carry your own personal mug. But with Rinn, It tells how much nutrition you consume and help you adjust your diet plan.

Weight Management

Losing weight is about getting right amount of nutrition. Rinn helps you achieve that by analysing exact nutrients from your replacement meals

Health Insurers

Access consumer’s consumption data in order to provide more perosnalised tariffs plan and create new commercial possibilities.

Corporate Wellness

Rinn encourage health and wellness among employees and promote preventive health program across organisation as well as improve employees productivity.

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RINN Application

RINN application is automatically paired and syncs data with the cup via bluetooth. So, you don’t need to open the application everytime when you want to detect new drinks.

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